About Yoga

Yoga for beginners

Anyone can do yoga. It's about doing what feels right for yourself at any time. Listen to your body, so you will through patience and insight gradually make progress. Focus on your own practice and not compare yourself with others. We all have a different body and different assumptions to make the many yoga positions. Feel the daily form, take a little extra when you feel like it, or lay down anytime in "childs pose" if you are tired. We are concerned that you will get the benefits of yoga that you want.

Yoga health effect

Yoga has many different health benefits for the body, both physically and mentally. You build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. By using breath, we reduce stress and tensions and you become more focused. Yoga allows you to be present or in the moment. The goal is to create inner peace, focus and concentration. In general, research shows that yoga improves the immune system, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Regularly yoga can counteract anxiety, depression and sleep problems. Many people experience a deep inner joy.

Yoga directions

There are many different yoga directions and most of them are originate from Hatha yoga. The different directions vary in what they most emphasize. Some of them are focusing on exact postures, while others are focusing on the synchronization of breath and movement.