About us


After many years in business and sedentary work, I wanted a more active and harmonious life. I have practiced various yoga directions for many years, but it was not until my stay abroad in Canada, I had the opportunity to develop my practice. I studied mindfulness combined with yoga at the University of Calgary. In 2016 I took Teacher Training in Ashtanga Yoga at Puro Yoga Oslo, teacher Alexander Medin.

Ashtanga yoga is a yoga form that appeals to me with the dynamic flow between breath and movement. It gives me peace of mind, agility, strength and balance.
I have experience as a yoga instructor, and training instructor in various forms of exercising for many years.


My first introduction to Yoga was in 1998. It took some years before I really got interested and started to practice yoga. I have practiced many different types of yoga which are inspiring and stimulating in their own way. Ashtanga yoga is a powerful, dynamic and physical yoga that has fascinated me.  The technique has a good combination between breath and movements, which gives a good physical training effect and inner wellbeing. It has a regular series of poses which helps me to stay focused and gives a natural flow when I am exercising. Yoga can be practiced at home, on vacations or out in nature. Yoga has become my lifestyle and gives me inner peace and presence in life. 

I have been working many years in office related business and realized that I needed to get more physical moments into my everyday life and therefor diceded to become certified in      Ashtanga yoga.

My mission is to improve my yoga and to teach it in an easy and understandable way. I have experience in teaching yoga for classes both private and for companies.